Photography by Danielle Watson


Danielle Watson is a travel and landscape photographer based in Australia with a passion for adventure. Danielle's work focuses on landscape, nature, travel and aerial photography, however also encompasses other commercial photographic genres such as portraiture, architecture and much more....(check out her portfolio).



Meet Danielle

Biography, Awards and more

Danielle Watson is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in the genres of landscape, nature and travel. 

Growing up in country Victoria surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wide open spaces, she developed a passion for adventure and photographing the landscape.

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Commercial work

Whilst travel and landscape photography is the main source of what Danielle does, she has experience and a passion for all forms of photography including fashion, beauty, architecture, for commercial clients.

For those more personal moments check out her portraiture portfolio.


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Current Projects

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Whilst some of my projects are very personal, some may perhaps be less specific and more commercial in their nature.

Projects are generally a unique collaboration with stylists, fashion designers and writers all pushing each other to create a distinctive project and or content.