Light Painting Workshop


Light Painting is an exciting, cutting edge form of photography, where we literally draw with different light-sources during long exposures. This creates some truly unique and inspiring photos.

In this hands on work-shop you will learn how to use the right settings on your camera to capture Long Exposure Light Art.  Whether you are a Beginner or a more advanced photographer that wants to learn a bit more about this exciting emerging art form, you will get a lot out of this class.

There will plenty of time for you to get creative and experiment with the different Light Painting Tools we provide for you. But most of all you will have a lot of fun and walk away with some incredible images.

On completion of this course you will understand:

  • How your camera works
  • Shutter speed and how it affects your images
  • Introduction to long exposure photograph
  • Composition and exploring your creativity


What you will receive:

  • Guided use of lights for light painting (including the Pixel Stick)
  • Workshop notes

What to bring:

  • DSLR or Mirror-less Camera Capable of taking Long Exposures up to 30 seconds in manual mode
  • Tripod
  • Cable Release / Remote is preferable but not a necessity


Max 8 people for this workshop, as we want you to walk away feeling confident having had a fun time with a bundle of awesome light painting images to take home and edit.

The workshop is kept small, so everyone gets ample time for help and to ask questions.